Cadillac Steve

Trying to Exceeded your Expectations since 1989

Call: 315-422-2231 ask for Da-New Guy, that's me

After all, you can get a new Cadillac from thousands of locations, so come to me and be satisfied for a change. I have been at this for over 30 years and God willing will be providing Cadillac Vehicles for another 30 years, then will think about retiring. Call me and Let's Get Together Soon.

A large part of the business is Pre Owned vehicles - We have those.

XT4 & XT5 Sedans

XT4 Cadillac's personal sized SUV

XT5 the Most Popular SUV from Cadillac

Escalade and Escalade ESV - The Big Boy on the Lot

This is the entrance to the town of Lander, Wyoming - Where I grew up. Sitting on top of enough oil to run the US for 100 years. The government does not keep its promises, just ask the Shoshone Indians.

People study all sorts of sports, This was mine